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Well, I sucked at bridge today. Big tournament in a little over a week, and I am terrible from not playing "live" just online. The Bridge community here is very tight, and cliquey, so still no regular partners. Might just give up the competitiveness for a while. We will see.

Hope the guys in Arizona are having a great time. Everyone seems so busy lately. Think spring is in the air? I see not too many are sitting at their computers on a Saturday night. Well me either!! (Going to read or watch TV) Nite!
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We are going out to dinner with one of my bridge partners and her husband tonight. My husband was the assistant mgr. of the local hardware store after working there part-time and they never paid him to be a manager, so he is going back to part time. He is doing handyman work which is the business we had in Arizona. He already has about 5 jobs lined up before he is even ready. My friend that we are going to dinner with, has some work for him. Should be an interesting evening, we really don't know them all that well.

We will not have the same income, probably better, but he will be happier and I am tired of people wanting you to do too much work for nothing. I am almost at that point in my job too, but can't both of us quit. LOL.

Anyway, I found this site of famous peoples dogs. Ugly, but fun to look at. Dog Site Hope I remembered the HTML to post that.

Playing bridge tomorrow at the club. I need to play against a live human being before Jan 29 when we have a tournament here.
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I got to come home early today to work on a project from work. They have no scanner, or imaging software, so I had to make some files for them here. This computer has paid for itself a couple of times I think.

Wish I was better at graphics, but what a pain. Finally got the scan and changes done, but I'm sure it took too long.

Well, back at it again tomorrow.

Guess I will get dinner ready now. Left-overs.
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Well, read Martin Luther Kings Speech yesterday. When you really think of it, he was so ahead of his time. I remember all that, I especially remember when he was killed. It took years to really appreciate what he meant to all of us, no matter what race we are.

Off to shower and get to work. Just another day.

Big bridge tournament the end of the month. An old friend is flying in the end of the month and I will have a decent partner. I am looking forward to it. Still no good pards here yet, so my game sucks. Other old friends coming in from Texas at the same time, but won't see a whole lot of them.
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Ok, I admit it, I know absolutely nothing about football. Back in the 80's I used to be a Raider's fan because I lived in Northern Calif and we had super bowl parties all the time, but since we left, I have not watched a game. However, Go Raiders!! LOL (Native Californian) Can't help myself!! 49ers were OK, but it was always the Raiders for me. I did like Joe Montana though.

That will hopefully be my first and last journal entry on football.
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Can't find much on TV to excite me tonight. I might even read!! What a novel idea, hee, hee.
Barbecued chicken and salad for dinner.

One last load of laundry before work starts tomorrow. No changes here.

We are going out to dinner with friends tomorrow. We are really stay-at-homes now. Work and home. My hubby is very handy so he has made major improvements on our little three bedroom. We really use our house, so it is a real refuge and I really like it now.

When we moved here, I had never seen the house. I had to finish up my old job, so my husband flew here and picked the house. We were very limited by what we could afford. He did very well. It was really yucky at first, but he has sure fixed it up. Cleaning it helped too.

Just a little snippet of my life.
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Saturday!! Breezed through the house cleaning which means half assed it!! Looks pretty good though. Friend coming over in a little while and we are going to get her mom's laundry and stop at the outlet mall. Two weeks in a row at a mall. A record for me. It is usually 2 years in a row!!

I am trying to cut out ovals from pictures in Paint Shop Pro and I can' t figure out how to save them as an oval vs a square or rectangle. I know you can cause I have done it, but can't remember. Oh well, will try again.

More later!!
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Well, home from work. News about Tommy perked me up, but that was the highlight of another day here in paradise. ( It's cold and rainy today.)

I really should be thankful to have the job I do. So many people hate their jobs. I think I am underpaid, but don't hate it now that we have enough help. At this point in my life, I am sort of winding down my career days and just trying to make it to Social Security without another job change.

Well, off to fix dinner and veg out the rest of the night. Will check in on you all later.
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Geez, only Tuesday!!

I work with other girls, but I am the computer person in the office. (Boss is computer person too, but too busy.) Everything that is more complicated than a letter, I end up with. I don't really mind, but am not paid enough. (Who is?) I like doing it, but will not train others, because I don't have the patience for it. They can learn like I did. Hard knocks and some classes thrown in. I am by no means an expert, but compared to them I look like it. They don't know enough to know how dumb I really am, lol.

Anyway, looks like all is well here and live journal is clicking along.

The bridge tournament/test proved that it did not work the other day. Crashed in the middle of everything. Back to the drawing board for them.
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The pictures are snow, Emerald Coast Style. We have some of the whitest sand in the world.
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I am playing in a bridge tournament online today. First one I have participated in. I am playing with one of my favorite pards from Tucson. She and I played at the Nationals in Birmingham in November and did very well. We are both Life Masters and are both intermediate players.

This online tournament is an experiment for both of us.
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By the way, I concur with Petcupid. Brad Rocks. I forget that right now it is free, and who am I to bitch. Thanks Brad for the great service.

Lightening quick today. Have you hugged your cable modem today?
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Well, it is beautiful here on the emerald coast today. How is it where you are? I will try to put up a picture of snow, Emerald Coast Style!!

Enter a City or US Zip:

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On my way to the mall with my best friend!! Doesn't get much better than that!! Her hubby (and my boss) is out of town and my hubby is taking a power nap!!

It warmed up and should be fun. Looking for a gift for an eleven year old girl. Can't think of a thing.

More later.
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Well between 6:30 and 7:00 AM Central time, you can get into live journal. At least I found out you all are in the same boat. It's warming up a little the next couple of days, but we are still lucky compared with much of the country.

Last day of the week then the weekend. Not much planned again. Just clean house.

Hope you all are getting some relief from the weather.
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Well I have come to the conclusion that Live Journal does not work in the daylight hours at all. If it is a time when no one else is awake, then it works. What do you guys do that pay for this mess do? How do they expect more clients?

I am really ready to jump in and pay for something that is frustrating when free. (she snorts facetiously)

Sniff, miss you guys.
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Hi, Anyone there? I still can't get on.
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Well, I do not know if this will post or not. I have been unable to access live journal for a couple of days. Not much going on here. Just work. It has been the coldest here that it has been for 10 years I hear. (Gee, glad I moved here!!) I miss Arizona, but not much chance of moving back now.

We have visitors coming the end of the month. Hope it warms up by then. One old friend is coming for a bridge tournament here. The others I hope I have time to see.

Wish you all well, and will keep trying to get on.
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Just got done with dinner. Spent the whole weekend goofing off. I don't think I am ready to go to work tomorrow, but..........Another day, another dollar. LOL

Very uneventful New Years Eve. Lots of celebrating around us. It has been quite a few years since we lived in a neighborhood like now, with close neighbors. We bought the only house in Destin under $100,000, so we have a small lot. This is actually good, since I do not like keeping up a yard. We have the largest lot in our neighborhood since we are on a corner. Anyway, it has taken me a while to get used to close neighbors. Some of our neighbors are less than considerate, so I remind them when I see them. Then they try for a while. Ok, enough griping for tonight. Hope you all survived the New Year in good shape.
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