Jan. 14th, 2001

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Can't find much on TV to excite me tonight. I might even read!! What a novel idea, hee, hee.
Barbecued chicken and salad for dinner.

One last load of laundry before work starts tomorrow. No changes here.

We are going out to dinner with friends tomorrow. We are really stay-at-homes now. Work and home. My hubby is very handy so he has made major improvements on our little three bedroom. We really use our house, so it is a real refuge and I really like it now.

When we moved here, I had never seen the house. I had to finish up my old job, so my husband flew here and picked the house. We were very limited by what we could afford. He did very well. It was really yucky at first, but he has sure fixed it up. Cleaning it helped too.

Just a little snippet of my life.
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Ok, I admit it, I know absolutely nothing about football. Back in the 80's I used to be a Raider's fan because I lived in Northern Calif and we had super bowl parties all the time, but since we left, I have not watched a game. However, Go Raiders!! LOL (Native Californian) Can't help myself!! 49ers were OK, but it was always the Raiders for me. I did like Joe Montana though.

That will hopefully be my first and last journal entry on football.


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