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I didn't realize it had been a while since I said hi to the journal. Since yesterday, I have been dealing with the sterling I am selling for one of my neighbors on Ebay. Since I have not done this much since last year about this time, I had to get new or update some auction software and tried a new one that does scary things to my computer, but is great at end of auction emails. I am sure it is going to be history soon though. It gives too many scary messages and locks up my computer. Besides the other software is free! This one is 30 day trial, which is a big mistake on their part, LOL. Had a very successful week though. Better than I thought. I only put 6 back up that did not reach their reserves. 10 auctions and less is what I will do from now on, just so it is real easy. My regular job is 40 hours a week. That is enough.

I got a small raise, but since we are non-profit, that was the max the budget would give. I am content I think. Friend/boss was very receptive and is lightening my workload somewhat. I am now doing things I was not hired for, so since I have tons of bookkeeping experience, he is trying to raise the pay. Oh, well, Social Security will be here soon enough.

That's it from my boring life. No bridge for weeks now. It really sucks here so online is it for now.


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