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Hi all. Company from Texas not here yet. They are parking their RV at our friends house. My friend is flying in on Tuesday from Tucson. He's coming for Bridge and Fishing and probably fishing from bridge, who knows. Never just say "come visit" unless you really mean it!! LOL.

My neighbor's sister in law just came over and handed me a set of old sterling silver to sell on Ebay!! I had told her to pull it from her garage sale, along with some old linens so people would not take advantage of her and get it for pennies. She appreciated my honesty and offered it to me to sell for her. I told her I would not do it for less than 50% due to the fact that it is so time consuming and my dig camera cost me a lot of money, lol. I have not sold on Ebay since last year when I helped a friend with her aunt's estate. That definitely paid for my camera. I am working full time now though, so time is precious. Should be fun though. Sure pays to be honest. Can't commit until after the 8th when company leaves, but might sell a full set of sterling that was my grandmother's if this is lucrative. Yuck, trips to the post office again. Will keep you posted. This is a nice little sideline if you aren't independently wealthy. Anyone have any experience with this?
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